The Talisman is an elegant Gastrolounge with an eclectic twist. Described as “The best place in town” by New York Times Spirited Traveler and one of Kenya’s top rated restaurants on TripAdvisor, The Talisman offers a myriad of experiences to our patrons.

“The best place in town and the most happening place to see the local scene. With its low couches and beautiful gardens, the only thing needed to complete the scene is a Tusker or Dawa in hand” – O’ Donnell – The Spirited Traveler, New York Times



Featuring carved wooden pillars from Pakistan, elegant Afghan rugs, charming fireplaces, sprawling terraces and idyllic gardens, The Talisman blends fine dining with unbridled eclecticism. With our hallmark greenery and fresh air, we have made every effort to create the ideal ambience for those seeking a candle-lit romantic dinner, a casual evening drink with friends, an outdoor lunch with family and everything in between – And all this is complemented by distinguished service from our cordial staff.



With fresh fish from Lamu, salmon from Norway and spices from Thailand fused with authentic locally sourced ingredients and produce from our organic garden, we serve up a delightful fusion of European, Pan-Asian and African cuisines. Try our sushi and sashimi platter, crackling braised belly of pork with carrot puree, homemade gnocchi in Roquefort sauce and our sundry selection of desserts. Naturally, as a Gastrolounge, our menu would not be complete without English pub-style fish and chips and a classic American hamburger with all the trimmings.



Our chefs hearten social responsibility by growing and serving healthy, flavourful, farm-fresh organic produce from our very own organic farm. From farm to table, our garden produces every thing from carrots, beetroots and other vegetable varieties to lemongrass, jasmine and other herbs which we use to brew herbal teas. With chickens on site, we even offer home-grown eggs. Our garden’s bounty gives our chefs the opportunity to create sophisticated meals with uncompromised integrity.



A local Karen saloon with open doors, our atmospheric bar area is best known for it’s familiar faces and casual charm. With a fully stocked bar and expansive cocktail menu, the Talisman is unique in that we serve up to 20 different wines and champagnes by the glass.



The Talisman’s sophisticated, eclectic atmosphere serves as a unique and memorable setting for a wide range of special events, hosted both by the restaurant and our guests. Our excellent service, premium drinks and delicious food make The Talisman a perfect venue for events like wine tasting, intimate concerts and birthday parties, which we organise regularly. We also provide the ideal ambiance for a variety of special occasions, from corporate functions to wedding receptions.