Adrian Nduma’s Art

A recurring artist at Talisman, Adrian Nduma vanished these last two years to pursue a career in politics. Vying for the role of Embu governor, he was hoping to find a place for the youth in Kenya. “I’m back now, in full force,” he says. “’I am preparing new art to celebrate ten years as a full time professional artist since quitting banking.”

Having only begun his career as an artist in 2005, Nduma has already made quite an impact on the art scene. He produces commission work for a multitude of private collectors including members of government. In fact, he has two large pieces of artwork at the entrance of State House. Recently, he painted a gift for the outgoing commander of Kenya Air Force Joff Otieno, now our ambassador to Egypt. The painting depicted the handing over of the flag to General Samuel Thuita.

Nduma’s current exhibition features semi-abstract wildlife in bold, colourful textures. “I’m using animals to communicate the wild spirit I have been perceiving in the people around me. Although my works is slowly becoming more realistic, the abstract will always prevail.”

Adrian Nduma’s is currently the deputy chair at Kenya Visual Artists Network. His exhibition ends Sunday, October 5th, 2014.