Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine

So many people in the neighbourhood look forward to this time, around the end of the year, when Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine shows her stuff at Talisman again! This year, her exhibition starts on Tuesday 28th October and runs until Sunday 23rd November. The collection of works is inspired by her travels in Kenya.

Amy’s oil paintings of wildlife, landscapes and the people of Kenya have really stuck a chord with Karen dwellers and far beyond. Evoking a classic but contemporary spin on her subjects, she shows a combination of small affordable prints and medium to large original oil paintings.

Amy was born in India in 1969 into a family of Tea Merchants. After schooling at Downe House, she went on to gain a Bsc and Msc in Textile Design at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, before working in London and then heading out to Kenya in 1997. Her and her husband, wildlife photographer Elsen Karstad, use their personal aircraft to explore the country and be inspired. Amy has a local and international clientele and shows her work at various craft fairs.