Art of Paul Onditi at Talisman

Paul Onditi was born and grew up in Kenya but left after college for Germany where he joined the Offenbach University of Arts. He sees his ways of expression as a combination of African nature and a European acquired knowledge in Arts.

His paintings take us to strange places. They would almost look scary, but in fact, an odd quietness hangs over them, a kind of dead calm that disturbs and attracts. For a long time, he has sought a way to express the human condition and its inherent conflict, deeply affected by the tragedy of the soul in the Christian tradition. His use of black and white refers to good and evil, the confrontation between light and dark, our inner conflict: “That is the reason I paint and sculpt. I
do that to capture moments and happenings in my own life, my own self”.

Uncertainty is at the core of his practice, the loss of control is an integral part of his work, his mental maelstrom does not have any grip on the rational. Are we in a dream or in the lab of a crazy alchemist trying to alter our mind with his hallucinogenic vision? These dreams are like fantasies; these nightmarish visions show that painting can still be mysterious in Kenya.

Paul has exhibited both locally and internationally with the most recent being at a Gallery in Frankfurt Germany. He is a two times runners up at the Manjano Art awards and sat at the jury of the same in 2013.

These are some of the most powerful works seen in recent times. ~ Xavier Voerhost