Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine

October 31st, 2017

This year, her exhibition opens on Tuesday 31st October and runs until Sunday 26th November. The collection of works is inspired by her travels in Kenya. Amy’s oil paintings of wildlife, landscapes and the people of Kenya have really stuck a chord with Karen dwellers and far beyond.


Elsen Karstad

October 3rd, 2017

Elsen returns to the Talisman for the third time since 2011, and unveils the very best images he has captured over the past two years. Elsen's wildlife and landscape photos are a combined product of his 35 years in Kenya, an education in wildlife ecology, love of nature and technical creativity.


Haji Chilonga

September 12th, 2017

Tanzanian artist Haji Chilonga was born in Lukuledi in 1969, in an artistic environment, where his father was a blacksmith and his mother a potter. He started his career creating artworks for commercial advertisements and later decided to become a serious painter and trained in Dar Es Salam and Austria.


Samuel Njuguna

August 10th, 2017

Kenyan artist Samuel Njuguna joined Banana Hill Art Studio in 2004, where he interacted and was inspired by other artists such as Jeff Wambugu, Sebastian Kiarie and Joseph Cartoon. Since then he has participated in numerous art workshops and exhibitions world wide.


Jjuuko Hoods

July 18th, 2017

Jjuuko has tried to transform contemporary African art out of the craft and artifact classification by integrating both modern and traditional concepts. He is indeed one of the few Ugandan artists to put his country on the international map of art.


Kathy Katuti

June 26th, 2017

Kenya born artist Kathy Katuti’s first exhibition at Talisman is certainly a celebration of beauty. From nature and wildlife to rural scenes, her work captures moments of everyday occurrences in this beautiful country, highlighting the incredible diversity of everything Kenya has to offer.


Tom Mboya

June 6th, 2017

Another regular on the Talisman walls, Tom Mboya is a Kenyan-born artist based at the Go Down Art Center in Nairobi. Although hotelier by profession he has spent most of his lifetime drawing and painting.


Adrian Nduma

May 16th, 2017

A regular on the Talisman walls, Adrian Nduma has returned to the art scene with great acclaim. Having begun his artistic career in 2005, Nduma has made quite the impact.


Cliff Kibuuka

April 25th, 2017

Michael Cliff Kibuuka loves creating beautiful things. His paintings are renowned for transforming scenes from everyday life into vivid, dreamlike landscapes.


Kiran Ahluwalia

March 14th, 2017

Kiran Ahluwalia was born in the UK and grew up in Tanzania. She now lives in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. Kiran is a photographer and a graphic designer - both facets of art that she is passionate about.


Patricia Njeri

April 4th, 2017

Patricia Njeri is back at the Talisman with her quirky and creative textile works. Born in Nairobi in 1972, she holds an academic degree in political science as well as being one of Kenya’s leading self taught artists.


Arim Andrew

February 14th, 2017

Arim Andrew is one of Uganda’s top rated artists who specializes in oil and acrylic painting primarily inspired by wildlife conservation and protection. Born in Rukungiri, he graduated with a degree in Social Science from the University of Kampala, after which he took to painting and has since exhibited locally and internationally.


John Ndung'u

January 24th, 2017

John has been painting professionally since 2001. His preferred medium is the use of oil pastels on different surfaces. His inspiration comes from humans, animals, urban constructions, and nature in general.




Ronnie Ogwang

December 19th, 2016

Ronnie is a Ugandan native whose striking pieces have been heavily exhibited in his home country, including the Afriart Gallery in Kampala, as well as internationally, having previously shown at Banana Hill Gallery and The Talisman.


Chris Campbell Clause

November 29th, 2016

Chris’ work is inspired by his love of nature and wildlife. Currently based in Tsavo, Chris has been exhibiting his work since 1980 in galleries all over the world.


Jemma Davies & Larissa Hoop

November 8th, 2016

Jemma and Larissa grew up together and have been collaborating creatively since school. As an exhibition, Slices of Life showcases each artist’s interpretation of the everyday world around them. Subject choices encompass the simplicity of daily occurrences as well as the most impressive aspects of living here in Kenya.


Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine

October 11th, 2016

Amy was born in Calcutta, India, into a family of Tea Merchants. After schooling at Downe House, Amy went on to gain a Bsc Hons and Msc in Textile Design at UMIST in Manchester.



September 27th, 2016

Born in Kampala in 1981, Lukwago studied Art and Design at Kyambogo University and graduated in 2004.


Dickson Kaloki

AUGUST 30TH 2016

Dickson Kaloki is one of Kenya’s most exciting emerging artists. Dickson hit the art scene in 2011 with his celebrated slum-series.


Patrick Karimi


Patrick Ng’ang’a Karimi is a Kenyan experimental artist and art educator, known for his unique and original style of painting. He began his career as a self-taught artist, learning through books and gallery visits, which eventually led him to Kenya’s famed Gallery Watatu.


David Kigozi

July 26th, 2016

One of Uganda’s top rated artists, David specializes in both painting and sculpting. Born in Kampala, he graduated with a Diploma from Kyambogo University majoring in Art.


Edison Mugalu

June 28th, 2016

Considered one of Uganda’s leading painters, Edison is a self-taught artist who trained himself by attending workshops whenever possible to increase his level of expertise.


Jeffie Magina

June 7th, 2016

Jeffie is a visual artist based at the GoDown Art Center. In his second series of Childhood Nostalgia he follows children’s interaction with the world.


Mike Kyalo

May 17th, 2016

Kenyan artist Mike Kyalo is renowned for his ability to portray the mood and environment of his homeland, capturing movement, shadow and expression in his unique style.


David Maiden

April 25th, 2016

David Maiden is an award winning portrait painter based between his studios in London and Tsavo. David won the Arts Club award in 2013 and was recently shortlisted for the SELF award by the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. David’s portrait of Lord Joffe was recently chosen to be exhibited in The Mall Galleries on Trafalgar Square.


Patricia Njeri

April 5th, 2016

Patricia’s work is largely experimental and features a blend of oil paint and traditional textiles to create bright and exciting portraits of everyday Kenyan life. Patricia’s work is on show at Talisman from the 5th of April.


Taskin Butt

March 15, 2016

Growing up in a place like Africa, a land full of color, vast open landscape and scenic coastal areas has certainly contributed to Taskin’s deep passion for the arts. Her experiences added to her love for color, nature and the nature world around her which continues to serve as subjects and backgrounds to many of her compositions.



FEBRUARY 2, 2016

Jjukko Hoods was born in 1980 and is a graduate from Kampala University, currently the Director of IVUKA arts Uganda, President of the Society of Uganda contemporary art (SOUCA), Director and founder of GECKO art Gallery, in Uganda.


Yusuf Ssali

23rd February 2016

Ugandan artist Yusuf Ssali is known for blending mixed media with a riot of colors, which is traditional to African storytelling.



January 12, 2016

Tanzanian artist Evarist Chikawe's work speaks mostly about mother love and its importance to the current generation. He percieves his paintings as a way of protecting his cultural roots and those of local African traditions.





DECEMBER 8, 2015

Photographer Sean Dundas uses low angles and clear backdrops, like open skies or large clouds, to capture the pure essence of the animals or people he is photographing, creating a dramatic, personal affect


Dominique Thoenes

November 10, 2015

Dominique Thoenes’ work is well known in our neighbourhood of Karen, which she beautifully captured in her last exhibition at The Talisman.


Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine

OCTOBER 13, 2015

Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine is back at The Talisman with the fifth annual exhibition of her ever-popular oil paintings, featuring meticulous details, lush colours and beautiful shading.



SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

Elsen Karstad’s photography captures the astounding beauty and variety of Kenya’s natural heritage, capturing striking scenes of local flora, fauna and landscapes in exacting detail and graceful compositions.



AUGUST 31, 2015

Tom Mboya’s distinctive style – a cocktail of expressionism and impressionism with semi-realistic forms depicting people, nature and wildlife – has been recognised at Nairobi’s leading galleries, the Kenyan government and collections overseas.


Magdi Adam Suliman

AUGUST 18, 2015

Sudanese artist Magdi Adam Suliman paints in vibrant colours and bold motifs, working to spark a dialogue between cultures. His pieces richly awaken an appreciation for the differences between us, but also highlight the shared heritage of mankind.


Dennis Muraguri

JULY 28, 2015

Fascinated by matatu culture, Dennis Muraguri has perhaps captured the vibrant visuals of this ubiquitous part of Kenyan life more famously than any other artist. His mixed-media pieces are visually striking, with bold colours expressing the vivacity of matatu culture.


Paul Njihia

JULY 7, 2015

Paul Njihia is known for his ability to capture the human form, whether in detailed portraits or figures stylised with bold brush strokes. A self-taught artist, he began his career with commissioned portraits in 2010, three years before completing school.



JUNE 16, 2015

Sophie Standing is well known for her intricate textile art, appliqueing complex fabric collages onto canvas, where she ‘draws’ further details with her sewing machine in vibrant thread colours.


Jeff Wambugu

MAY 25, 2015

Jeff Wambugu, part of the Banana Hill Art Gallery family, is known for capturing scenes of daily life, reflecting all that is happening around him in vivid colour and captivating figures that masterfully blend with their backgrounds.


Ronnie Ogwang

MAY 04, 2015

Ronnie Ogwang is a Ugandan native whose striking pieces have been heavily exhibited in his home country, including at the Afriart Gallery and the Tulifanya Art Gallery in Kampala, as well as internationally, having previously shown at Limuru’s Banana Hill Art Gallery.



APRIL 13, 2015

Well respected and known for his varied works, Haji Chilonga is an extremely collaborative artist, working with his peers both to teach and to learn at the Rafiki Art Trust Group, numerous international workshops and his own home.



MARCH 25, 2015

Patrick Ng’ang’a Karimi is an experimental artist and art educator, known for his dot-textured style of painting. He began his career as a self-taught artist, learning through books and gallery visits, which eventually led him to Kenya’s famed Gallery Watatu.



MARCH 5, 2015

Kenyan artiste Mike Kyalo is renowned for his ability to portray the mood and environment of his homeland, capturing movement, expression and body language in his unique style. Based at the GoDown Art Centre, Kyalo works primarily in paint, though he has done pieces in dry pastels, chalk and charcoal and found objects.



FEBRUARY 8, 2015

Born in Addis Ababa and raised in Asmara, Eritrea, Rahel Bahlibi’s colourful Horn of Africa background shines through in her work, currently on display at The Talisman. With a clear passion for the arts from childhood, Rahel studied at Asmara’s Mara Art Association, developing her skills and training in new trends and forms of expression.



JANUARY 15, 2014

Based out of Kuona Trust Visual Arts Centre in Kilmani, Fawaz broadly works with acrylic on canvas, merging colors and cascading visual elements. Originally from Sudan and a graduate of the College of Fine Art at Sudan University, he is principally influenced by African folklore and the Arab legacy.





DECEMBER 18, 2014

The Talisman winds down the year with an exhibition of traditional African art including wooden masks from Ivory Coast and Congo, a beaded skirt and a purse from West Africa, a wedding trompet from South Sudan and other affordable artefacts including a coconut grinder from Tanzania and a smoking pipe from the Congo.


Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine

October 26, 2014

So many people in the neighbourhood look forward to this time, around the end of the year, when Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine shows her stuff at Talisman again! This year, her exhibition starts on Tuesday 28th October and runs until Sunday 23rd November. The collection of works is inspired by her travels in Kenya.


Hussein Halfawi from Sudan

October 7, 2014

Sudanese artist Hussein Halfawi, who grew up in the Northern state of Wadi Halfa, Sudan, has been based in Nairobi since 1997. He trained in the department of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Khartoum, Sudan.


Adrian Nduma’s Art

September 16, 2014

A recurring artist at Talisman, Adrian Nduma vanished these last two years to pursue a career in politics. Vying for the role of Embu governor, he was hoping to find a place for the youth in Kenya.



AUGUST 25, 2014

Ethiopian artist Zerihun Seyoum is back in town! In January last year, he had an exhibition at Carol Lee’s One Off Contemporary Art Gallery. This time he has a solo show at the Talisman restaurant.



AUGUST 4, 2014

Zihan Kassam is back at Talisman, this time with ‘Elysian Fields’. Elysian or Elysium in Greek mythology refers the final resting place for the souls of the virtuous. It can also mean to be deeply stirred from joy or incorruptible in spirit.



JULY 14, 2014

The young and talented Alex Mbevo is back at Talisman. Mbevo was a student under popular Kenyan artist Patrick Mukabi from the Nairobi GoDown Arts Centre in Industrial Area. He became an independent artist in 2012, and since then we have watched him slowly step out of his cocoon and begin to develop his own style.



JUNE 24, 2014

Dickson Kaloki is no stranger to us. Since his last exhibition at the Talisman, he moved out from Kuona Trust Arts Centre in Kilimani, taking his studio to his residence in Kileleshwa.



JUNE 3, 2014

A wild creative chromosome has clearly been passed down from grandmother, to mother, to daughter. After several years of successful home exhibitions in Karen, Katy McIntyre Brown brings her artistic flair back to the Talisman through her bold, new oil paintings.



MAY 12, 2014

Sophie Standing’s textile embroidered art turns heads every time she exhibits at Talisman. Her unique collages are made from fabric from all over the world, which is then applied to canvas on top of a detailed sketch.



APRIL 22, 2014

Onyis Martin (1987), is an amateur artist who has been allied with both the Nairobi GoDown Arts Centre (for a very brief period after he finished high school), and, recently, with the ‘Journey’ exhibitions at Puniii’s Coffees and Crafts.



MARCH 25, 2014

Barry Koenecke tells us that he was born in Kisumu but moved to Mombasa when he was only seven days old. Raised at the Kenyan coast, he loves walking the streets of our coastal towns, taking photos of every day coastal scenes. Most of his shoots are executed in Lamu, Zanzibar or Malindi.



MARCH 10, 2014

From the Nairobi GoDown Arts Centre in Industrial area, prospering Kenyan artist Tom Mboya is back at Talisman! After several years in the arts now, his career in the hospitality is but a distant memory, happily forgotten it seems…



FEBRUARY 17, 2014

From Tuesday February 18th to Sunday March 9th Talisman will exhibit a collection of works by Xavier Verhoest. Born in DRC in 1964, Verhoest studied film editing in Belgium and subsequently studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and Ecole des Beaux Arts in Brussels.



JANUARY 27, 2014

From ‘M2’, the art cooperative also known as Maasai Mbili in Kibera, Talisman has selected over 30 works by young and veteran artists of the growing initiative.



JANUARY 6, 2014

From Tuesday January 7th to Sunday January 26th, Talisman, via the Amazing Bazaar in Nairobi’s Industrial Area, will be exhibiting African artifacts from across Africa – authentic masks and accessories from Congo and Gabon through to the Ivory Coast, all at affordable prices.




Photos by Elsen Karstad

December 10, 2013

Elsen Karstad is an ecologist and photographer based in Nairobi Kenya. His photography encompases the land and wildlife of East Africa. Come enjoy a wide array of his stunning photographs at Talisman through January 5–all available for purchase.


Artist Dominique Thoenes at Talisman

November 12, 2013

Talisman is honoured to host the work of artist Dominique Thoenes, whose canvases depict local scenes familiar to anyone who lives in and around Karen. Familiar streets, homes and even landmarks like our restaurant are featured in vibrant, beautiful oils.


Artist Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine at Talisman

October 22, 2013

We are delighted to host this very talented and popular local artist for her third annual exhibition at Talisman. This year Amy has brought in a beautiful collection of wildlife portraits, local scenes and Kenyan people.