Artist Alex Mbevo at Talisman

Inspired by the kids who cycled past his home daily, artist Alex Mbevo recalled his own first bicycle–one he built himself–and began a three-month journey, painting children and their bicycles for our special exhibit this month at Talisman. The paintings, covering children of all ages, both alone and sharing rides, showcase Mbevo’s richly textured approach to portraits.

The results are charming and impressive, revealing Mbevo’s passion for colour and his subject matter.

In her recent piece for The Star, Zihan Kassam writes,

With thick brushstrokes and an impressive use of light and shadow, hints of [Patrick] Mukabi’s tutoring pierce through Mbevo’s work. Still, there is no doubt that Alex Mbevo has his own thing going on. With a genuine aptitude for visual aesthetics, subject matter that he feels deeply about, and a distinct way of steering the palette and paintbrush, he has roused an audience, many of whom can’t wait for him to stretch his wings out wider; to come in to his own. (Read more at:

Come out and see the work of this up-and-coming young Kenyan artist through Sunday, September 8.