Artist Gor Soudan at Talisman!

Gor Soudan is a sojourner. He puts things together: scraps of paper, cartons and old newspapers, plastic bags and, more recently, protest wire. He has something in common with the crow beings that he paints, scavenging and constructing concepts.

He is showing at the Talisman from 16 April to 5 May. The show includes series done over the past three years in which he has been developing concepts and transforming materials. His ‘Crow Series’, ‘Angry Birds’, and the latest ‘Eatings’ are an observation of the meaning of social, economic and political mutations.

‘Eatings’ is a series that consists of several pieces made from protest wires. Kenyan protests usually involve burning of tires to barricade streets. The wires are left behind. Gor Soudan collected these wires at the streets of Kibera where they were left after protests surrounding the 2007 elections. He artfully knits them together into men, masks, nests and body parts such as hands. These are being shown for the first time at Talisman.

‘Gor Soudan…is a young radical whose politically tinged “Crow” series has continued to evolve. He may have caught your attention with his notoriously blunt outpourings on the popular Kuona Trust art blog.’ ~ Zihan Kassam, The East African