Artist Katy McIntyre Brown

A wild creative chromosome has clearly been passed down from grandmother, to mother, to daughter. After several years of successful home exhibitions in Karen, Katy McIntyre Brown brings her artistic flair back to the Talisman through her bold, new oil paintings.

We catch an array of works at her current exhibition, some of which already flaunt a red sticker. Her exquisite clouds are painted with a play on light and movement so immaculate you can anticipate which way the clouds will shift, recede or dissolve. We also catch her sweet finches on a telephone line, her tender grazing bull, a very reserved hippo hiding in hyacinth and colourful, lordly cockerels inflated with vigour.

“Light and heartbeats are the things I absolutely live for,” says Katy on opening day. “I’m working on skies but also on animals where you can sense their character and you can really feel their heart beat,” she explains.

Katy also experiments with printing on cotton and linen to create customized interior décor. Using special fabric printers, she prints her wonderful works on curtains, cushions, bed covers and more. See

Katy’s works will show at Talisman from Tuesday June 3rd to Sunday June 22nd, 2014.