Artist Zihan Kassam at Talisman

Zihan Kassam, popular for her acrylic nature-abstracts these last three years, has moved on to a new subject matter in the ‘The Bicycle Man’. From her familiar rustic trees, reed swamps and old barns, city life in Nairobi seems to have influenced her and now we see something different. Kassam attempts to capture the essence of the old Kenyan bicycle man on his black mamba whom she says, “lives between the old world and the new”. Enduring a dangerous daily commute from the rural townships in to the CBD, he is invisible and he has been deemed redundant by the world but he is still in touch with nature and the elements and, having witnessed all the changes in the metropolis, is a voyeur in to the future of this country.

Zihan has worked at Kuona Trust Art Centre, is represented in Kenya Arts Diary 2012, has participated in a number of local workshops and has exhibited at several venues including Nairobi Gallery, The Village Market and Lily Pond Art Centre. Each year she has an exclusive exhibition at the Talisman Restaurant in Karen. ‘The Bicycle Man’ will show at Talisman beginning October 1 2013 and includes charcoal-acrylic works, her brighter watercolors and some mixed media works in wood and metal.

Zihan doubles as an Art Correspondent with The Star newspaper and her niche is Kenyan Contemporary Painters.