Barry Koenecke at Talisman

Barry Koenecke tells us that he was born in Kisumu but moved to Mombasa when he was only seven days old. Raised at the Kenyan coast, he loves walking the streets of our coastal towns, taking photos of every day coastal scenes. Most of his shoots are executed in Lamu, Zanzibar or Malindi.

With beautiful compositions; a black and white image of a lonesome boat bobbing in humble waters or a colourful coastal alleyway or old, ornate doorway, all of Koenecke’s photographs are printed using archival inks on high quality canvas using a technique that makes a lot of the pictures look like paintings.

Fun Fact: From a unique and colorful series of photographs, Koenecke’s photographs of ‘The Cats of Lamu’ are hung in The Talisman bathrooms and give you the eerie feeling that you are being watched.

Koenecke is travelling down to Nairobi to set up a photographic exhibition at Talisman that will run from April 1st – 27th, 2014.