Hussein Halfawi from Sudan

Sudanese artist Hussein Halfawi, who grew up in the Northern state of Wadi Halfa, Sudan, has been based in Nairobi since 1997. He trained in the department of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Khartoum, Sudan. He left the university when the National Islamic Front (now National Congress Party) besieged his department and the College of Music and Drama, imposing severe constraints on what an artist could or could depict.

“There was a crackdown on art and artists, a setback,” explains Halfawi.

Halfawi worked as a freelance painter until 2007 when he joined the Sudan Radio Service under US Aid and, after seven years of discussing the political conflict in Sudan, became the executive producer. Due to lack of funding, the station closed down last year and Halfawi is concentrating on his art once more.

Based in South C, Halfawi paints abstract acrylic works inspired by Nubian culture and iconography he grew up with.

His exhibition runs from Tuesday October 7th to Sunday October 26th.