Jemma Davies & Larissa Hoop

Slices of Life

Jemma and Larissa grew up together and have been collaborating creatively since school. As an exhibition, Slices of Life showcases each artist’s interpretation of the everyday world around them. Subject choices encompass the simplicity of daily occurrences as well as the most impressive aspects of living here in Kenya.

Larissa’s collage work frequently focuses on family life. There is a peacefulness to her pieces – a sense of nostalgia for her own childhood and the one she is providing for her daughter Ayla.

Jemma’s paintings tend to spotlight the action and interests of simple moments and ordinary objects. They are about the beauty of the commonplace and the ability of the humble to ignite the imagination.

Jemma and Larissa’s work is on show at Talisman from the 8th of November.