Jjuuko Hoods

Jjuuko Hoods was born in 1980 and is a graduate from Kampala University, currently the Director of IVUKA arts Uganda, President of the Society of Uganda contemporary art (SOUCA), Director and founder of GECKO art Gallery, in Uganda. Jjuuko has tried to transform contemporary African art out of the craft and artifact classification by integrating both modern and traditional concepts. He is indeed one of the few Ugandan artists to put his country on the international map of art. His work in the past involved working with different unique techniques and materials like bark cloth painting. His current work done on canvas with acrylic and oil painting depicts Kampala’s busy urban life. An intense series of paintings, that serves as a visual memoir of what the city looks and feels like.

Jjuuko’s work is on show at Talisman from the 18th of July.