More Alex!

The young and talented Alex Mbevo is back at Talisman. Mbevo was a student under popular Kenyan artist Patrick Mukabi from the Nairobi GoDown Arts Centre in Industrial Area. He became an independent artist in 2012, and since then we have watched him slowly step out of his cocoon and begin to develop his own style.

The current exhibition at Talisman is an extension of the ‘Maji Baridi’ series that Mbevo has been working on since last year. It features young children fetching water in jerry cans, drinking directly from water taps, and sitting down to wait for their vessels to fill. As he continues to explore the theme of water shortages in Kenya, his paintings develop their own character.

In August last year at Talisman, Mbevo’s work was less detailed. This year, his umbrellas, buckets and taps have a little more definition. Having just switched from oils to acrylics, something else has changed in his paintings, but it is difficult to put a finger on. Still, Mbevo’s artwork retains that charming quality it always has.

Alex Mbevo has exhibited at Paa ya Paa Art Gallery, Kuona Trust Arts Centre, Manjano (Village Market), FOTA (International School of Kenya) and several other local venues these last five years. His ‘Maji Baridi’ will run from Tuesday July 15th to Sunday August 3rd, 2014.