Sophie Standing is Back!

It’s been two years and she is back!

Sophie Standing’s textile embroidered art turns heads every time she exhibits at Talisman. Her unique collages are made from fabric from all over the world, which is then applied to canvas on top of a detailed sketch. Even finer details are created over top using a sewing machine to draw with multi-coloured thread.

This year at the Talisman, her giant elephant at the entrance with have you in awe. Unfortunately, it already bears a red sticker along with the rhino and the buffalo… so if you want a Standing, you better move quick! Her small works of the dung beetle and elephant shrew are extremely charming.

Sophie Standing has clients in Kenya, South Africa, UK and Germany. She works on private commissions and projects. She will exhibit at Talisman from Tuesday May 13 to June 1. Her net exhibition will be in New York, USA.