Taskin Butt

Growing up in a place like Africa, a land full of color, vast open landscape and scenic coastal areas has certainly contributed to Taskin’s deep passion for the arts. Her experiences added to her love for color, nature and the nature world around her which continues to serve as subjects and backgrounds to many of her compositions. Taskin works across various mediums including oils, acrylic, mixed media and pen/ink. Her artworks range from vibrant city landscapes and seascapes to striking and colorful abstracts.

She derives her inspiration to draw and paint from everyday life and the beauty, diversity and grace of nature around her particularly those natural subjects that play with light for example, trees, sky and water. She has always been fascinated by the beauty of colours and delicacy of natural objects, some of her landscape paintings move from capturing the different seasons and times of the day, day light to night time. In her own words ‘the effect of light on natural objects and changing colors as the day unfolds fascinates me’.


In this exhibition, you find compositions revealing expressive landscapes from her imagination and experiences visiting England, Scotland, UAE and Kenya. As you explore the depths of her soul, her landscapes breathe life into her ideas and you enter a world of undulation planes, meadows and valleys of color and mystery. Her landscapes express her outer worldly experiences while her abstract work reveals her inner intuitive experiences shedding light on the connections between self, nature and dreams.