Tom Mboya at Talisman

Iconic Kenyan artist Tom Mboya has his exhibition, ‘Life’, on display through June 15. Covering a variety of familiar scenes and situations, Mboya’s work captures the warmth and vibrancy of life in Kenya. From children dancing beneath a tree to a fisherman dozing by a river, these are the people and places that make up our world, and their warmth and brilliance truly bring the subjects to life.

Tom is a Kenyan born in 1972. Although a hotelier by profession, he has spent most of his lifetime drawing and painting on the side. He had a great opportunity in his high school life to study technical drawing and design, later he joined Hospitality College, and he served in the hospitality industry for eight years before he fell out to settle on visual art and painting. A self-taught artist, Tom is passionate about painting, and his work revolves around the social life of human, animal and the beautiful nature shared among them.

At the Godown art centre where he is currently based, he has a great opportunity to learn and share with other successful artists at the center. His style is a cocktail of expressionism, impressionism and semi-realistic forms of human, nature, animal and nature done in warm acrylics or oil colors and sound brush strokes.

Tom has participated in several art exhibitions both locally and internationally. Apart from the financial gains, he has donated his art pieces and participated in discharging innovative ideas and mentoring spirit to schools which cater for children with special needs.